Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Welcome to WinClass.com

This web site contains detailed information and support for WinClass, the Classroom Administration System for Windows. The latest installment of WinClass is now available.

WinClass 7 Enterprise Edition is now shipping. Upgrade to WinClass 7 today.

With WinClass 7 Enterprise Edition you can now control multiple WinClass databases and make managing all your schools in your entire district much easier. With the new WinClass 7 Enterprise Manager, you can control all your users and manage them with ease.

Click on the items in the menubar to get to the section you want. With the About WinClass section you can check the specifications, pricing and information about WinClass. The Support section is where you can get information on maintaining WinClass and check our knowledgebase and downloads for the latest updates and news.
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